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Monday, June 24, 2013

New Assigment...New Mission!

To Mom and Dad..

Before I forget again. Happy Birthday Mom and Parker and Happy Father's Day Dad! Yes I know it's really late. No I didn't forget that those events happened, I just forgot to write it in the email =P

Another week where we didn't do much. Again we weren't in our sector much this week. Basically the same reason as last week. Traveling to the Church offices to do stuff with our Visa waiting companions. Lots of traveling and not much time to work. Again, not much to report this week. Pretty dull. 

Quick side note, yes Ryan I got your letter. Thanks =). I'll respond next week. That is....if I remember =)

To answer a few questions, being in the Mission Hotel means that when new missionaries arrive, or come to Quito for an interview/conference they need somewhere to sleep. In other words, they sleep at our house. Our house is one of the 3 hotels in the mission. In total we can have 16 people in our house at one time. And mom, sorry I didn't write your talk for you =). And in this sector I get new companions all time. It's close to the offices and they always dump the missionaries that are waiting for their visas or that are here because they got emergency changes. In 3 months here I have had 4 companions that have been assigned here with me. That plus all of the missionaries that were here for 1-3 days. In total....I don't even know how many lol. 

Also it was cool to hear the conference yesterday too. Cool to hear that we might be getting Facebook accounts. They'll probably end up making a Ward facebook account and not personal missionary accounts. They said that all those changes will be according to your mission president. Not sure what will happen here. Oh, by the way. I am now in Mission Quito North. So I will have served in 2 missions technically =). Our new mission president is President Richardson. I don't know much about him, but he'll be coming with a 18 year old son who will be leaving for the mission from here and also a 13 year old adopted daughter from Guatemala. Interestingly enough she doesn't know any spanish, but she knows english perfectly....Our Pres Richardson lived here in Quito, but about 13 years ago as a bishop here in the stake that I'm in. Basically within a few months we'll be seeing a lot of changes here in our mission. 

Honestly I don't know what else to write....uh....Yeah nothing else. To end here's the funny thing of the week

Funny thing of the week: So we were contacting (houses with speakers again), and my companion Elder Santana buzzed the speaker. A little boy answered. He said, "Papi?". Which means daddy in spanish. My companion tried to get him to get one of his parents instead of the little kid, but it didn't work. He kept thinking that my companion was his dad. Him saying "Papi" over and over was hilarious. Me and Elder Perez (the Elder that was waiting for his Visa to go back to Mexico) were laughing so hard during that contact. lol. You had to be there =)

I'll send pictures next week. Including our house. We just cleaned it and now it's all squeaky =)

Elder Black

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