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Helaman 5:12 "And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall."

Monday, October 15, 2012

Lots of Weird Stuff


This is going to be an awesome letter =) Lots of weird stuff. So the pictures I send are of our apartment, which we're trying to move out of, Jenny and Diana (the 2 girls we baptized this week), I baptized the taller of the 2, and my companion, Elder Salazar. 

So a member of the ward gave us a referral (her sister and her family) and we talked to them and set up a visit for a couple of days later. We taught them the Restoration and then invited them to baptism and is normal on the first lesson. And they said no. But we talked for about 5 more minutes and then asked again, they said yes. Oh yeah. There's the mom and 4 kids and one of them is autistic. They attend another church in part because the mom said it had been helping her autistic son. Before they started going to church he couldn't talk at all and he was really shy. And since they've been going to this other church he's gotten a lot better and can speak a little and he's much more sociable. So we explained how the restored gospel can bless her and her family, particulary her son, more. They're a very good family and have a desire to follow Christ. 

Fanny, our golden investigator is doing awesome. She loves when we come over and is really trying to do what is right. Her baptism is this Saturday and her brother is going to baptize her....I think. 

Family Anchundia, our supposedly golden investigator family.....not sure about them. We still haven't met with them and they haven't gone to church yet....we'll keep working on them....

Now for the moment you've been waiting for. The weirdness. First off. We were knocking doors in a smallish town called Checa. We met a guy who was stinky and weird. His house was one room and my companion described the smell as follows, "It's like someone pee'd on a bed and let it cook for a few days". I thought it smelled like someone pooped in the corner and let it sit there. Now that I think of it, it smells like both. So his son led us to the door and we look inside. He's sitting on a bucket with his pants down to his knees and I think he was wearing a jock strap or something.....he was fixing his pants so that's why they were down btw. So we started talking to him and we could tell withing about a minute that it wasn't going anywhere. He was so random. He was one of those people that could have a full conversation with a wall and be happy about it. We went from, "We're missionaries" to , "how many people does it take to fly a plane?". To answer his question we said it takes 2 people. "Oh, so it's not like a car.".......what? lol. Super random and clueless. I think he's a few sandwiches short of a full platter....

2nd weird thing. I went on exchanges with an elder in our zone, so I was in his area for the day. We went to one of his investigators houses and started talking. We taught the lesson and my companion said that he knew that they were having a hard time but that he didn't know what it was. So they told us. The wife and the kids have these horrible nightmares and are afraid to go to sleep at night. The daughter had dreams of her mother shooting herself and the mother said that she thought she saw the devil. Also she said that even when she's alone she feels like she's being watched. So basically they're all afraid to go to sleep at night. I told them that it's impossible to feel fear when we're reading the scriptures, praying or going to church. They have already recieved a priesthood blessing btw. So we'll have to see how they're doing later.

3rd weird thing. I was at church with Elder Gonzales, the one I was on exchanges with, and we were just starting priesthood meeting. The bishop came and got us and started walking to his office. On the way he talked to us about this weird guy and his beliefs and he wanted us to set up an appointment with him to set him straight. His wife is a normal member by the way. So we got to his office and started talking to the weirdo. Here's a summary of his beliefs. He belives in reincarnation. There are 7 cosmos with 33 universes in each cosmo. God live in the last cosmo and last universe. Mormons pray the wrong way, we're supposed to pray in groups and repeat after the one leading the prayer. The Book of Mormon is a good book, but we have a bad interpretation of it. He receives revelation in his dreams. He has a book of "revelation" called Angelorum. He learned all of this through a conference of another  church and all of it is"logic"......oh boy.......oh, and he wants to be baptized. Good luck Elder Gonzales and Matamoros lol. Basically he's crazy. He really feels that what he belives is true. But he's willing to hear from the missionaries.

4th weird/funny thing. We went to a members house for FHE yesterday and we taught a lesson on scriptures. After the lesson they asked about my family and I said that I had pictues. I showed them to a couple people. One of them is named Venny. Once he saw Katarina's picture he said that she was really pretty. He's 26 by the way lol. He's a smily  guy and it seems like there's something on your face because he just smiles and chuckles to himself whenever he looks at someone. So he kept telling me how pretty Katarina was and that he wanted to marry her, I think he was joking. We talked about eternal marriages last sunday and I think he got the wrong idea lol. He wanted to copy the picture but I told him no lol. He's not creepy or anything. Just a funny guys. So if you ever get desperate Katarina. You've got someone waiting for you. And he doesn't really speak english, so that might be a barrier.

So that is the weirdness this week. Things with my companion are going great. We joke a lot and get along great. Quick sidenote. All latinos like Dragonball Z and most like other anime. That's right, not weird, anyways. Yes, cleaning day was awesome. Our house really needed cleaning and now it's very clean. I'm so proud =)We're hoping to move out sometime this week though. We really need to get our. Oh and the picture with the my companion and I and the sign. We need to send in pictures of our house and explain why we want to move. We are going to throw in that picture for extra effect. That thing is golden. I'm sure it will work. The weather here is pretty mild and is about 65-75 degrees all the time and right now we're getting into rainy season. We always take the bus, which can literally be so packed sometimes that people have to hang out the door. Or we take a taxi if it's too late to take a bus. Members in our branch....I don't know for sure. Maybe about 70 or 80. We normally have about 50 every week. We meet in a house. But it's a big and pretty nice house. So it seems pretty much like a small church building more or less. And no I never smile. 

I forgot so say happy birthday to everyone. So happy birthday Mckenna, Katarina and Dad. I'm glad you liked my present dad. It was right from the heart. =)  And happy birthday to the rest of you in case I forget. 

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