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Helaman 5:12 "And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall."

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Great Lettter


Sorry my last letter was so random and everything lol. I only had like 20 minutes to write. First, pictures. These 3 are what we did for companionship study one day lol. I made them out of silly putty. Pretty productive huh? I'll send a few more in a different e-mail so they hopefully all get through. But here's what they are. Me cutting open a guanabana, a very delicious fruit that they have here. My first time eating the actual fruit. And here are a few pictures of Yaruqui, the city that we live in. Small, but quiet and chill. I like it =)

So not too much happened with our investigators this week. Fam. Zambrano is doing alright. The mom is good and knows that she needs to be baptized, but hasn't accepted a baptismal date yet because she wants to feel ready. By the way that's what half of them say lol. But she's good. One problem that we're having with her is that she works on some sunday's, so it's hard for her to attend church, and she has to attend church to get baptized....so yeah. We taught her about the keeping the Sabbath Day Holy commandment and we're trying to get her to be able to go to church. We'll keep working on her. 

Fam. Oña. A mom, her husband and 3 kids. The mom is good and has desires to get baptized, go to church, read, pray and everything. But the husband likes drinking a lot and it's kind of hard for her to get "permission" to go to church and stuff. And he didn't even know about us until a few days ago and we've been teaching her for a couple of weeks and she didn't tell him anything. Maybe out of fear or something. Her and her kids are also really timid, with the fact that she didn't tell him anything and the drinking there might be something going on there....We talked with the husband for like 30 minutes yesterday and he seems fine. Blegh...we don't know what exactly we're going to do with him lol. 

Fam Anchundia, that supposedly golden family that works in Quito....they're not golden lol. We called them this week to see if we could meet with them (we never did meet them) and they said,"Oh, we're Evangelists now".....what?!.....yeah....not golden lol. 

We were contacting in Checa, the city where fam Oña lives, and Elder Salazar asked me where we should contact. So I pulled out a coin to decide which way we should go. He wanted to go one way but the coin said differently. We went with the coin lol. I told him that we should follow the coin. The coin knows all I said. He didn't believe me lol. The coin led us to this particular street and the first door we knocked we got in and taught a lesson. An older lady that has great faith in Christ  prays regularly and everything. She agreed to let us come back another day. After we left her house I looked to my companion and said, "Like I told you, the coin knows all" lol. I was right =)

And the reference from church last week. We taught him on sunday on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited him to baptism. 2 seconds after we asked him the ward mission leader started talking about how important of a decision it was and everything. I thought to myself, " Yes, it is an important decision. Why don't you give him 5 seconds to think?" lol. If any of you are sitting in with missionaries and they ask a question, don't ever ever ever ever talk before the investigator or the missionaries....ever. The investigator needs time to think and have the Spirit work on them. Time to think is a better teacher that talking sometimes. Don't do it =). And to finish off the story....he said, "Yeah, with the time and when I'm ready" Darn you! lol. Hearing that gets kind of old sometimes =). But we'll keep teaching him. 

A quick little thing on the people here, they're really nice. They give up seats in the bus for people holding babies or for older people. And when we were looking for apartments people would go all out of their way to help us. This happened twice. We asked someone on the street if they knew if there were any apartments avaiable in a certain building. They would say, "Oh I don't know, but I know the owner" then they would call the owner and ask for us, then they would walk us to the apartments and take us in and go around with us to see the owner. Very nice people. Very friendly. 

One funny thing that happened to me last week. I was on exchanges with Elder Matamoros and we were going to eat at his mamitas house. Before we were going to eat I was looking around at their house (there was nothing else to do lol) and I saw what looked like a giant, black butterfly on their wall. It wasn't moving so I assumed that it was a decoration. After we finished eating the beast flew off the wall and started terrorizing everyone in the house with its monstrosity. The mom ran into a room and peeked her head out to observe the caos. The butterfly was about 10 inches across by the way. We finally got the thing out a door. Then it flew around the house and flew back in another door. NOOOO!!!!! Lol. Then it left and everyone escaped unscathed. A close call for all of us. 

Carter, to answer your questions your birthday is November 30 (....I think) and we have not baptized any more people. We do have promising investigators though. And no....we haven't really had anything else really weird happen lol. 

And sorry if I don't answer all of your questions for everyone out there. It's hard to remember everything and have time to answer them all. I'm trying =)

Now some random things. Mom, when you send my mouthpiece, lie and put $10.00, they won't know the difference lol. You can turn left on a red, but not right....how...nonsensical. I haven't seen any big bugs here. I'm up in the mountains and it's pretty cool here. So there's not much wildlife besides chickens and dogs lol. And I write my journal in english. Jorge the weirdo didn't get baptized this week. He's too weird to qualify right now. And we did dedicate the house this week. Elder Gonzeles from Chile did the dedication. Kind of a cool experience. We told them that the dedication will work by their faith. Hopefully they have enough faith lol.

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