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Monday, September 16, 2013

Finally, Time to Write...

Our apartment flooded!

Singing hymns while you work makes stress go away...
Hello everybody. Finally I have time to write a letter =). So as I told all of you last week, my companion went back to his house. This past week we weren't able to do very much. We had our District Meeting, Zone Conference, and I did divisions this week. We really didn't get much done because I wasn't evern here very much =). I'll at least give you an update on how our investigators are doing. 

So, now we just have 1 person with baptismal date. His name is Marco Diaz. He's the husband of an hermana that lives here. They just recently got married and now he's investigating the church. He's interested in what we do and he likes the church, the only thing is that he's pretty busy and doesn't have much time...We started teaching him about a week and a half ago. The other people with baptismal date all fell through. Not because they don't want to listen anymore, just that only one of them went to church...His name is Tito Tituania. He's our best possible convert. He now has 6 attendances and is going to church every sunday. He's also got family and friends that are also members. He's in the same boat as Marco and doesn't have much time. But I'm thinking that he'll be able to get baptized this saturday 28th. Then the other 2 people that we had....not really sure what happened. They didn't come to chruch. That, and Isabel still has to get married and we haven't been able to verify how that's going...So that's the update on our investigators. 

This week in San Roque we have 3 new investigators. We had an appointment set up with a great contact that we had at7:30pm,but she wasn't home....So we were about to go home and do our studies. As we were walking a couple of boys said "hi" to us. Normally we just say hi right back and keep going, but this time we decided to talk to them. We started talking with them  and ended up teaching them the Restoration right there in the street. They all accepted baptism too, just not a specific date. That was pretty cool. I think half of the investigators that we have are references and the other half are random people that said hi to us in the street lol. I think we need to start talking to more people =). 

That was basically everything that we did this week....We did have a service project and we helped Marco build a wall. I'll have to take a picture of it and set it to you =). We built it out of concrete blocks and I think it's called mortar...So that's what we did. We were all pretty proud of our work. 

By the way. Yes my package got here. I think everything was in it. I'm not sure if you bought the hole puncher or not, but that wasn't in there. Thanks Mom!!! Looks like Dad had a great time driving the Ferrari. It looks so awesome =). President Richardson told me that I would be training this next change which is in 3 weeks. So I'll be in trio for a good while longer =)

Funny thing of the week: I've gotten some comments that you've been missing my funny thing of the week. Sorry for letting you down fans, but I've been forgetting to do it lol. So here's the funny stuff....On sunday night (5:00am) I woke up to change positions and I heard dripping in our room. I thought what the heck could be dripping in our room? I looked around to see what it was and I saw that my companions blanket was wet and dripping at the corner. I actually that that maybe he had pee'd himself in his sleep lol. Then I looked at the floor and it was covered with water! Our house had flooded. A little surprised, I got out of my bed and walked though the 4 inch deep water to see where it was all coming from. I opened the bathroom door and one of the tubes under the sink had busted and was spraying water out like a fire hose. We quickly turned off the water and started pushing the water out of the house with brooms. We let the owners (they're members) know what had happened. They came over to the house and started helping to get the water out. We finished at around 7:30. It was kind of fun through. In the Zone Conference this friday Hna Richardson talked about stress and what we should do if we got stressed in the mission. She said that the secret was to praise God and our stress would go away. So with all the water on the floor in our house. We filmed ourselves singing a himn of thanks for what had happened. It was pretty funny. We were all standing in the water and singing hymns lol. I'm going to send President Richardson the video =). 

Well, I hoped you have enjoyed my letter. If you would like to contribute to keep supporting this program, please give money to my mom =)

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