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Monday, December 3, 2012

Investigators Finally go to Church!

Hello Mortals,

Another shortish letter again....So like I said last week, the hardest thing for our investigators is church attendance. We were doing everything that we could go get them to go to church;praying, picking them up sunday morning, calling them the night before to remind them....everything, and it didn't work. So this past week the only thing that we lacked was perfect obedience. Our mission president here said that if we were obedient we would see success, and if we were perfectly obedient we would see miracles. So we thought that that might be a good idea, that it would take a miracle to get them to go to church lol. So we did that this week. We were obedient to everything. And this sunday we had planned to bring some investigators to church. Elder Salazar and I went on splits with some members in our ward to bring them to church. I went to pick up Jefferson and his family and Elder Salazar went to pick up a family that we met earlier in the week. I went to their house and the dad told me that none of them were there. He told me that the rest of the family was busy, but Jefferson was waiting in the park in Yaruquì. Ugh....lol. I paid a taxi to go all the way to his house, only to go right back to Yaruquì.....oh well. So we went to Yaruquì and found him in the park sitting on a bench. So we walked up to him and brought him to church. Woot. Elder Salazar didn't have so much luck. The family he went to pick up wasn't home, so he came back empty handed. So we had one investigator in church when we had a very possible 12ish people come. So much for our week of perfect obedience....or so we thought >=D. After Sacrament Meeting the family (Fam Loor) walked into the church, all on their own! Nice. Now we have 5 investigators in church. Oh yeah. =) All it took was a little patience and faith and our diligence paid off. 

So Fam Loor. We had a visit with a less active member on Friday morning that fell though; so we decided to go contacting. They were our second contacts and we got in and taught them a lesson. They had lots of questions about the catholic church (they're "catholic") and they understood when we basically told them that worshipping Mary, and the infant baptism is wrong. Pretty good. So yeah, they showed up at church this sunday =). We have high hopes for this family. 

We also have Mercedez. We found her last week. She's middle age, has suffered a brain injury and now she doesn't have very good control of her movements and is stuck in a wheelchair. She has written her own biography and reads the Bible and knows what she's talking about. The first time we taught her she was kind of stubborn and was sure that she had already been baptized once, the right way, and didn't need another baptism. We taught her again and she seemed more willing to accept what we were telling her. She has promise, but we need to keep working with her. 

Update on Ulpiano Saltos. Nobody knows anything about him; where he is, what he's doing....nothing. So his date fell through....

Our other investigators with baptismal dates. Jenny Nicolade; she told us that she knows that this is the only true church and that the Book of Mormon is true. She also quit her job so that she could get sunday's off. Good person. The only problem is that she was unable to attend church this sunday, so her baptismal date will have to be pushed back at least a week. Rosalio; very nice, but we're not sure if she's keeping commitments. She's also really hard to get ahold of, so we weren't able to teach her this week at all =(. Her date fell too. Jefferson is awesome. Because of his injury he seems like he's only half there inside, but he understands everything and he says he knows that this church is true.

Oh, don't know if you remember Vanessa Alguno (the nightmare demon lady), well she's going to be baptized this saturday. Even though she's not in my area it's still cool to see her be baptized =). Excited for her baptism. 

What fun things did we do this week?......I don't know lol. We found a new family (Loor), so that was the most fun/exciting thing that happened all week. Yes I got my packages. I was only expecting to get 2 packages today, but instead I got 4! It was awesome. Like Christmas, only better. I got my mouthpiece too =). And it's cool to hear that Anna and Katrina are going to serve missions. If either of you are reading this, go back about 2 weeks ago and read what I told my brother to do if you haven't already read it. And look through my scripture list just to be familiar with it. I will be sending an update next week for anyone interested =).  Yes they celebrate Christmas here, and since they're all catholics here they party with alcohol and loud crappy music. So on Christmas Day we basically stay inside most of the day to avoid danger lol. No it doesn't rain here every day, your phone is lying to you, don't listen to it. It stays around 70 degrees, but it gets anywhere from 55 to 80 degrees here. It rains every few days, and when it does it isn't for the whole day. It did rain last week and the streets turned into rivers with water a couple inches deep. Needless to say we got wet....the only thing I've had a chance to cook from the recipies you sent me is the caramel popcorn. Although corn syrup doesn't exist in latin america, so I improvised with vegatable oil. It turned out pretty good, but not quite like your's mom....By the way, is there any sort of substitute for corn syrup besides vegatable oil? To listen to music I use my companions speakers. What I would recommend for Hunter, or anyone going on a mission, is something small, corded, powerful, and has a USB port. That's what I would do. No I haven't had a chance to use my magic sticks yet....maybe one day. And thanks for praying for me Parker......but I don't think that was really neccessary lol. So I got my packages today and me and my companion were amazed at what you put in those mom. You thought of everything for decorations.....everything....So we bought a $20.00 tree and decorated it. Enjoy the pictures. Merry Christmas! That's all for now. See ya later.

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